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At Xpress Tire & Auto Services, we are a locally-owned business and uphold high ethical standards to ensure our clients receive the best service possible. Our goal is to make your automotive experience friendly and successful. We look forward to servicing your vehicle!

Our Services

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of quality service.

At XPRESS Tire and Auto Service, we specialize in new and used tires, rims, patches, balancing, rotation, suspension, brakes, and alignment.

We promise not to disappoint in our service. We pride ourselves in our excellent service, quality work, honesty, and pricing. If we can not provide the service your auto needs, we give you our word, that we will seek and find the help you are needing, so that your services may be completed.

Let XPRESS Tire and Auto Service keep your vehicle running and in good condition with regular oil changes. Depending on your vehicle’s year, make and model, we recommend either standard, high-mileage, or synthetic oil to increase your vehicle’s performance and protect your engine. With our oil change, you will receive an oil filter change and we will inspect your fluid levels and check your air filter.

Are you hearing squealing or grinding noises when using your brakes? This could mean it’s time to replace your brake pads or an adjustment is overdue. Our experienced team will ensure your brakes are working properly to help prevent a dangerous accident. Other warning signs include brakes that are hard to press down or feel “spongy,” steering wheel or vehicle pulling to one side when applying your brakes- give us a call if you notice any warning signs.

Shocks and Struts help to keep your vehicle riding smoothly and balanced on the road. They form part of the suspension that absorb bumps and impact from the road. Without proper care of these suspension springs, wheels of a car can bounce off the ground and lead to accidents on the road. Don’t let an unexpected pothole lead to loss of control of your vehicle. Call us Today!

Tune-ups ensure you are maximizing gas mileage, power and overall performance of your vehicle. Tine-ups are suggested at least every 25,000- 30,000 miles or approximately every 2 years. With our tune-up service we replace the fuel filter which can get clogged with particles, replace spark plugs, check ignition system, service the battery, check all fluids, check ignition system, timing, and so much more, give us a call today to schedule your service appointment.

Due to constant exposure to the elements and other harmful chemicals, your vehicle’s belts carry the shortest lifespan. When you service your vehicle with us, we will do a complete inspection, checking for leaks, cracks, hardening or softening, To prevent your vehicle from overheating and causing unnecessary damage, we thoroughly check for a functioning water pump. A good rule of thumb is to replace your time belt around the same time you replace your water pump.





5X5.5 20X12 HAVOK H112 ALL BLACK


5X5.5 20X12 -44 HAVOK H112


6X5.5 22X9.5 VERSANTE 205



Tire Size Pricing
185 65 15 $205
185 70 13 $195
195 65 15 $220
195 69 15 $215
195 70 14 $220
205 50 17 $245
205 55 16 $235
205 65 15 $235
215 60 16 $260
215 65 16 $255
225 60 16 $275
225 60 17 $320
225 65 16 $270
225 75 15 $295
225 75 16 $315
235 65 16 $320
235 65 17 $320
235 70 15 $355
235 70 16 $345
235 75 15 $310
245 70 16 $235
245 75 16 LT $460
265 70 16 $395
275 55 20 $490
285 70 17 $695
285 75 16 $520
304 45 22 $555

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